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What is Configer.IO

ConfigerIO is a modular server management system and web control panel. It's light weight, automatic, and installs in moments. Drop in your configer.json file, install only what services you need, and everything is up and running already. Easy as can be.

Still in development

The web control panel is an optional package you may install on each of your servers, or on a central management server to remotely manage other servers.


How it works

As each service starts, it only takes milliseconds for the configer-gen tool to read the configer.json file and generate the config files for that service. Just-in-time configs.

Currently Supported

Supported Operating Systems:

Current State

Many supported services are now fully functional, and many more in the works.

note: Some services may not enable or start automatically. This is a known bug and will be fixed soon. You may enable and start these services yourself for now:

systemctl enable nginx-something
systemctl start nginx-something


It's recommended to prepare your configer.json configuration file before installing the packages. If the file is ready and in place, the system will come online and fully functional after packages have installed.

An example file can be found here: https://configer.io/configer.json

The ConfigerIO system will search for the configer.json file in these locations:

The first found of the above list takes priority. It should be owned and readable by root. The configer-gen tool will generate config files for each service on-demand, just before each start. If you make a change to the configer.json file, simply restart the affected services to apply the changes.

wget -O /configer.json https://configer.io/configer.json
nano /configer.json


It's recommended to prepare your configer.json configuration file before installing the packages.

There are a few ways to install ConfigerIO. What suites you best?

Automatic install

The install.sh script can be used to automatically install the required packages and begin managing services. This is great for use with Docker.

The latest install script can be found here: https://configer.io/install.sh

wget -O configer-install.sh https://configer.io/install.sh
sh configer-install.sh --auto

note: This feature is currently unfinished. You may expect this in the coming months.

Wizard install

The install wizard and menus can be used by adding the --wizard flag with the above script.

wget -O configer-install.sh https://configer.io/install.sh
sh configer-install.sh --wizard

Manual Install from Packages

You may look inside the above script to see exactly what repositories and packages are needed.

  1. You will first need the pxn repo
  2. If you are using CentOS/Rocky/Alma/Red Hat, you will need the EPEL repo.
  3. If you are using PHP for web hosting, or using the web control panel, you will need the Remi repo.
  4. If Nginx is not available by default on your distro of choice, you may need the nginx repo.
  5. You're finished. Your services are now configured and online.
dnf install https://yum.poixson.com/latest.rpm
dnf install epel-release (and/or) remi-release (if rhel/rocky/alma)
dnf install nginx-release (only if needed)
dnf update
dnf install configerio
dnf install configer-<service-packages..>